Development Machine

This is typically a developer machine where the site and the tests are edited:

Extra Modules

  • QA Accounts. Registration, login and password reset tests (ATK-XX-1000 series) require QA Accounts; add to your project or modify qaAccounts.txt to use your own accounts and do not install the QA Accounts module.
  • Webform. Test ATK-XX-1050 requires the Contact Us form from Webform; add to your project or modify the test to use your contact form and do not install the Webform module
  • A mailer such as Symfony Mailer. The registration and forgot password tests send emails. Use Symfony Mailer or similar modules to send emails.
  • XML Sitemap. Tests ATK-XX-1070 ad ATK-XX-1071 require this module.
  • Default Content. Automated Testing Include includes this to import the 404 error page.
  • (under construction) Routes List. Test all available routes.

Target Drupal Server

The target server, which may be on Staging, Production or a preview furnished by Tugboat, has the same requirements as the Development Machine with these exceptions:

  • Cypress or Playwright are not required
  • Automated Testing Kit needs to be on the Target server for certain Drush commands and tests to work. For example is "(ATK-XX-1071) Regenerate sitemap files," uses the custom Drush command fprop and the entity tests need the hooks that inject nids, vids, tids and mids to run. If you do not want to install ATK on the target server, copy the fprop command and hooks to your installation.

Cypress or Playwright

  • minimum requirements to run Cypress or Playwright (Node version 14+ for Cypress; Node version 17+ for Playwright). It's best to use a recent version of Node.