How We Do It

As the founders of the Drupal Quality Initiative, we deeply understand that process and experience combine to create a fantastic project. Here is how we do it.

Detailed Planning

It’s tempting to start work immediately, especially using the Agile process that we use. However, we have learned that planning saves time and money down the road by foreseeing problems and design issues before they arise.
Why is planning so important? Problems get more expensive to solve when they are discovered later in the process, as this graph shows:

Keeping to the Budget

Creating a successful website includes minimizing costs and keeping to the timeline—while maintaining high quality. Balancing all three takes the experience of building lots of sites and solving lots of business problems.

We’ve learned that budgets are powerful tools to focus a project on what’s most important. That’s why keeping to the budget is so important to us and we'll share industry best practices that will keep the project within budget.

At every step in the process, we will share ways to reduce risk and keep the project on track.

Everything Can Be Resolved With Communication

Effective communication is built-into our project plans. It’s through frequent and honest communication that the best designs are revealed, issues are resolved and trust is built.

We use video interviews, email, group communication tools like Slack, ticket tracking tools—even old-school telephones!—so that you are always apprised of the project status.

Post-Launch Support

Our commitment to quality continues to after the web site is launched. We monitor your site and fix problems that show up only when a site is used by more than the production and testing team.

We’ve got your back.