Automated Testing Kit contains useful utilities for end-to-end testing using and Playwright.

If you are looking for documentation of the D7 version, go here.

Join the Slack Drupal channel at #automated_testing_kit to discuss the Kit.

Here are some of the features of the module:

  • logging in, logging out and registering new users (with email confirmation at
  • reset password (with email confirmation at
  • user creation and deletion via Drush
  • getting usernames, Drupal UIDs
  • awareness of the QA Accounts module
  • executing drush commands via aliases or to Pantheon via Terminus (useful for setup and teardown)

Planned features include:

  • upgrading logins to use stored sessions
  • confirming each entry in sitemap.xml
  • access to the translation dictionary t() from within a test
  • and more.
This works on the native OS (i.e. macOS/Linux), native OS + a container (via
    DDEV/Lando/Docksal) or within a container.  
    NOTE: to run Cypress in a container, use
    the image offered by Cypress; setting it up otherwise is not easy. On the other hand,    
    Playwright is easier to set up yourself in a container (or there may be an image already out there).

The module contains two sets of libraries and tests, one set for Cypress and one set for Playwright.