SASS installation and configuration

Using Bootstrap4 as base theme

SASS compilation:

SASS compilation is no longer in the theme

  1. Optional use [Bootstrap4 Tools]( module
  2. Download and install bootstrap4_tools  module
  3. Or install SASS compiler 

Install SASS compiler (Recommended):

Inside of the theme:

  1. cd html/themes/custom/performant_labs
  2. Install development dependencies by running `npm install`
  3. Install SASS compiler (
    • Run:  npm install -g sass
    • Run:  sass --version. (to be sure it was installed correctly)
  4. Update import path in `themes/custom/performant_labs/scss/style.scss` to Bootstrap 4 theme path to your docroot `@import '../../../../themes/contrib/bootstrap4/scss/style';`
  5. To compile SASS inside the custom theme “performant_labs” run:
    • sass scss/style.scss css/style.css
  6. Clear cache
  7. Done (you should see the styles changes on the site)