Why Drupal
Why Drupal?

Whether you are building a new site or upgrading an existing Drupal site, it’s valuable to understand why Drupal should be on your short list of content management frameworks (CMS).

Here are the main reasons:

  • The code is open-source. Open-source code means you don’t have to buy a $25k to $400k license to use Drupal. You can use that money into customization instead.
  • It’s designed for businesses. Drupal is built atop Symfony, the world’s most successful enterprise PHP framework. In fact, Symfony has over 4 billion downloads of the core components Drupal uses.
  • It has a large and supportive community. The Drupal community is large (about 1.4 million people) and vibrant. In fact, Drupal 8 had more contributors (at 3200) than Linux.
    • Quote: The Drupal Slogan: “Come for the code, stay for the community.”
  • All the functionality you need. You can add over 8,000 additional, free modules to these built-in functions:
    • create and edit content with robust editor tools
    • control publication status and workflows
    • create and manage custom URLs and menu items
    • manage users and the access they have to content and features of the site
    • organize content with categories and listing pages
    • move blocks of content to different areas of the page
  • Start wherever you are and grow. Gartner has named Acquia, the private company helping guide Drupal’s direction, a market leader in its Digital Experience Platform assessment. Depending on Drupal is a solid, future-proof choice.